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The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Here's what it means for menopause.
Henpicked menopause in the workplace and equality
Do you think talking about menopause in the workplace helps or hinders equality? Here's why it's time to talk about menopause at work.
menopause in the workplace is urgent and important
Menopause and work can be directly related, with some women suffering a host of symptoms that can affect them at work. Here's what employers can do.
Another menopause tribunal is won by an employee, employers must recognise why it's important to offer the right support. Here's what they need to do.
menopause at work: women celebrate
Change is happening fast for menopause in the workplace. There's still lots more to do but we’ve passed the tipping point of normalising menopause for good.
In October we're holding 51 menopause at work sessions, a poignant number as 51 is the average age for women to reach menopause. Celebrating inspirational employers.
Two years ago, a groundbreaking report into menopause was published. Here, we look at what's changed since then and what's going to happen next.
Look back three years and it was rare to find an organisation with a menopause policy but real progress is being made...
CIPD video. It's important to create an environment where it's OK to talk about menopause. Now's the time for all employers to take the menopause seriously.
Juliet Saimbi, Severn Trent to Menopause Trainer
Juliet Saimbi’s own menopause experiences shaped her passion for menopause in the workplace awareness and support. […]

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