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Lockdown’s had its challenges for all of us. We’re passionate about changing the way everyone thinks about menopause and putting the right support in place.

We didn’t want Covid or Lockdown to slow that down, so we asked ourselves what we could do to speed it up instead.

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From our series of FREE Menopause in the Workplace Masterclasses and our Menopause Expert Lunch & Learn series to training hundreds of employees and employers. With our expert multimedia skills on all webinar platforms and eLearning, it’s been a very busy time regardless of Lockdown.

Thank you to the fantastic people and inspirational organisations who are helping change happen fast and here’s to more acceleration. Lockdown did not get in the way of us getting menopause conversations flowing.

With every organisation that joins the menopause-friendly ranks, we’re a step closer.  Each conversation we all have, each conversation we encourage, growing the seismic roar of more and more voices. Changing minds about menopause, changing the stereotype, changing the culture for good. It helps us all now and for future generations.

We invite you to join in with us, we know what a massive difference it makes for employees as well as for employers. Everyone needs to know about menopause, be able to talk about it openly and have the right support in place.

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