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Making your organisation menopause friendly

Expert guidance and training to help you introduce the right support.

Our highly skilled team of menopause in the workplace experts work closely with you to help introduce the right support in your organisation. We’ll equip you with the facts about menopause, the latest clinical thinking and get the conversation buzzing throughout your business.

Our expert background in menopause, learning and development, and communications means we know how to reach each and every one of your colleagues with your message, engaging and inspiring them to understand the role they play.

We explore all aspects of menopause in the workplace support.

Together, we’ll help you develop the right menopause in the workplace training, education, policies and practices to make your organisation menopause friendly.

CPD accreditation

Our training sessions have independent CPD accreditation. This means they're professionally designed to achieve the right learning outcomes.

For your colleagues, this means they’re receiving accredited training and learning to boost their professional lives which that will help in their personal lives too.

For your organisation, it means recognition and reputation as a business which supports colleagues through effective and comprehensive training.

All our fully interactive training sessions can be either in person at your workplace or online via webinar.

CPD accredited menopause training

Menopause at work training for line managers

What is a line manager’s role in supporting menopause at work? What do they need to know and do? They’re often who a woman needs to speak to about menopause support at work, so it’s essential they know how to offer confidential and effective support.

Our workshops upskill line managers on what they need to know and do to have confident conversations and provide the best support.

Menopause at work training for colleagues

Our training is for everyone, those experiencing menopause and those playing a vital support role. Our training is fully inclusive and highly interactive.

Our menopause at work awareness sessions engage, inspire and empower. Covering what menopause is, how to manage menopause and how to tap into the help and support available - in and outside of work.

Menopause at work training for HR and occupational health

Business leaders, occupational health and HR professionals benefit from our training, which is tailored to your business.

We can help you identify how your organisation can support all colleagues, the most appropriate reasonable adjustments, assist with your planning and help with your colleague communication and engagement.

All promoting an environment where everyone can talk about menopause.

Menopause at work train the trainer/advocates session

Our interactive sessions feature discussion and planning around how attendees would run sessions to get everyone talking. This covers all the key areas for how to run line manager and colleague sessions, to engage everyone in your organisation.

Many in-house trainers use our video to help them set the scene and context and also our three-stage process for colleagues which takes them through symptoms, their personal philosophy on managing them, what their next steps would be and top tips for conversations with their GP.

This training programme is ideal for creating menopause advocates in your organisation to get the conversations going and continued longer-term.

Menopause in the workplace events for employers

Our events for HR professionals and business leaders have been rated as 5* by those who have attended our sessions across the UK and online.

Our experts give a clear overview of menopause, employment law, how to implement effective policies and practices, line manager and employee training, and communication and engagement. We include case studies from organisations demonstrating best practice and experiencing incredible results.

These events and resources give you a head start to becoming a menopause friendly employer.

Our professional menopause at work toolkit includes:


In only 30 minutes, we help line managers  and colleagues understand what they need to know and do. Interactive with summary key messages and tests to check learning. These training programmes are available 'off the shelf' or 'tailored' for you.


Our  exceptionally concise and educational 'Menopause in Minutes' video can be used on your intranets or in ongoing training.

It covers the key facts about menopause, its symptoms and ways of managing them and is available 'off the shelf' or branded for your organisation.

"Next were thrilled to have Henpicked on site to train our Menopause Advocates, newly named the Embracing The Change Team #ETC.

The team are really excited about 'spreading the menopause word' and supporting both men and women in the workplace through education, useful resources and creating opportunities to talk openly about menopause"

Claire Kershaw, Next PLC


Remote working, multiple sites and flexible shift patterns are no barrier to learning. Our online training for line managers and colleagues takes just 30 minutes, equipping colleagues with the understanding of all they need to know and do to support menopause at work. Set across four easy-to-follow modules, it focuses on:

  • What is menopause and how it could affect a woman at work
  • Why we need to talk about menopause now
  • How line managers and colleagues can help
  • Having the right conversations
  • Where help and support is available: in and out of work

With evidence-based information backed up by real-life scenarios, the modules gives a clear understanding of the importance of supporting menopause at work, while quizzes and videos for each module reinforce the message and assess learning.

Available either 'off the shelf' or tailored to your organisation.

"Working with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace was easy. They are menopause experts, and really helped us make a big difference to our colleagues.

They guided us to make sure we had everything we needed, so that line managers were equipped to have great conversations and colleagues felt supported. They were fantastic throughout"

Sarah Beisly, Sainsbury’s Group

Planning and communicating your menopause at work campaign

Using our tried, tested and trusted menopause audit and campaign roadmap, we'll help you understand what you need to know and do. Our expert advice, support and guidance make all the difference in planning, delivering and communicating your campaign.

We make it easy to get everyone talking about menopause at work and put the right support in place.

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