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risk assessments
The onus is on employers to make sure workplaces are fit for purpose in terms of […]
employers' responsibilities
Many employers are now choosing to include menopause support in their portfolio of policies and practices, […]
Currently, menopause policies are not legally required but they could be soon. However, organisations should be […]
Here's how Aster Group's menopause support got started, how it evolved over the past 3 years to them being Menopause Friendly Accredited.
Santander support colleagues with menopause awareness, education and support. Here's their case study and top tips.
menopause myths
When it comes to menopause there are often more myths than facts which can make it incredibly confusing what to believe. Here's how inspirational employers are helping educate employees with the facts...
Meet Elliot. He believes everyone needs to know about menopause and jumped at the chance to be a menopause advocate, raising awareness and supporting his colleagues.
We always say that menopause is a topic everyone in an organisation needs to understand. Here, three male leaders give us their take on why they think menopause awareness is so important.
menopause knowledge
Menopause can feel a confusing time for many. Access to accurate information and the confidence to be able to talk about it can be life-changing!
Auto Trader, Henpicked, menopause, work, workplace
Auto Trader began their journey to menopause awareness with a training session - and now the whole company is on board.

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