It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. You might ask what that’s got to do with menopause, particularly if you’re not aware of its range of symptoms. Or for that matter, the
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees, conducting risk assessments which should include any specific risks to
Henpicked menopause in the workplace and equality

March 8, 2020

Equality and menopause

Do you think talking about menopause in the workplace helps or hinders equality? It’s a big question. Going back nearly 4 years, when we started working with organisations to open
menopause in the workplace is urgent and important
Menopause and work. What does one have to do with the other? Sometimes nothing. And it would be great if that was always the case. Some women sail through their
As another menopause tribunal is won, employers must recognise the importance of offering the right support at work. The legal consequences shouldn’t be the motivation driving an organisation but it’s
Menopause at work: thumbs up for the right thing to do
With more women working through menopause than ever before, at a crucial time in their career, taking menopause at work seriously is now well documented. Not before time as an
menopause at work: women celebrate
Over a thousand organisations Over a million people All in one year This morning menopause hit our TV screens again. In 2019 it’s been just about everywhere in the media. And
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During October we are holding 51 menopause at work sessions – a poignant number as 51 is the average age for women to reach menopause. World Menopause Day this year was
Two years ago, a groundbreaking report into menopause was published. Here, we look at what’s changed since then… and what progress we’re looking forward to seeing in the future.  The
Look back three years and it was rare to find an organisation with a menopause policy. Now many have policies, guides and information in place, including Severn Trent, University of
Menopause in the Workplace director Deborah Garlick was invited to the MOD Whitehall to their TEDx event this July. She talked about how the concept of menopause at work training
“It’s important to create an environment where it’s OK to talk about menopause” Henpicked: Menopause in the workplace were delighted that menopause featured prominently in our series of inclusion workshops
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In May 2019 BBC Breakfast opened up the conversation to menopause. From 13th to 18th May, every morning, the program pioneered the topic of menopause live on British TV. They
Menopausal women officers on duty: London. June 9 2018. A view of a large group of police officers during the Queens birthday celebrations of Trooping the Colour
A large-scale survey across three metropolitan police forces aims to guide employers on retention techniques for women over 40.  We are starting to see more discussions about menopause and some
Juliet Saimbi, Severn Trent to Menopause Trainer
Juliet Saimbi’s own menopause experiences shaped her passion for menopause in the workplace awareness and support. Having lead the awareness and support programme in Severn Trent, supported by Henpicked: Menopause
Deborah Garlick, founder of Henpicked:Menopause in the Workplace talks with Philippa Lamb, from the CIPD podcast, about the effects the menopause can have on many women’s experience at work and
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The menopause is an important workplace issue that affects many employees. There are now around 4.4 million women aged 50-64 in work, the vast majority of whom will go through
As the topic of menopause in the workplace – thankfully – gathers traction in the media and has begun to take hold in workplaces, a new research paper has asked
Menopause at work case studies: Leicestershire County Council
Leicestershire County Council support colleagues experiencing menopause at work. Here’s what they did and how they did it, including training seminars, guidance documents on menopause and support groups. When one
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Case studies: Uol menopause policy, awareness and education, menopause at work
The University of Leicester was the first university in the UK to introduce a menopause policy. Members of the Business School wrote the Government Equalities Office report ‘The effects of menopause
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menopause women raising fist air signifying freedom
It seems to me at the moment that some women are unwittingly playing snakes and ladders in the workplace due to their raging hormones at midlife. If you are one
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Menopause in the workplace explained on video by Government researcher Professor Jo Brewis
How to support employees going through the transition and why we need to talk about it. Click on the image to watch the video In July 2017, my colleagues Dr.
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Menopause in the workplace discussion on BBC Woman's hour
How do we raise awareness, education and support of menopause in the workplace? How to raise awareness of menopause in the workplace Speaking up about menopause in the workplace doesn’t
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team discussing menopause training event session - teamwork
For women suffering from menopausal symptoms that are affecting them in the workplace, the rise in conversation and new policies around this subject can only be a good thing. With
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Case studies - Notts Police: first menopause policy in the UK
Notts Police were the first force to introduce a menopause policy. After our Menopause in the Workplace conference in 2017, delegates said they’d like to know what they did and how they
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Menopause age woman in the workplace
Increasingly, it is becoming critical for employers to acknowledge menopause transition and the potential effects it could have on their employees. Our Government Equalities Office report on the effects menopause has
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On 19 October I attended and spoke at the Institute of Directors, Enterprising Women’s Conference (#iodwomen) on why we must talk about menopause in the workplace. I was out of
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Case studies: Severn Trent, Menopause at work article in CIPD with Juliet Saimbi
How the water company has broken down the menopause taboo and put women’s wellbeing centre stage… The problem The menopause directly affects nearly a third of Severn Trent’s female workforce
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Menopause training event at E.ON
To celebrate World Menopause Day on Wednesday 18 October E.ON has committed to becoming the first menopause-friendly energy company in Britain, aiming to raise awareness of the menopause and ensure women
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Severn Trent menopause training workshop at Shelton
Severn Trent is continuing to lead the way in opening up the conversation on menopause in the workplace on World Menopause Day today (October 18). The company has committed to
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Menopause age woman at work at home
Menopause, when periods stop for good, is a normal stage in every woman’s reproductive life. The symptoms usually begin in a woman’s forties, with the average age of menopause itself
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Menopause age woman in the workplace
Large numbers of women transition through menopause whilst in paid employment. Symptoms associated with menopause may cause difficulties for working women, especially if untreated, yet employers are practically silent on
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