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menopause, work, workplace, henpicked
October was World Menopause Month and was the most exciting yet, with more and more organisations becoming menopause friendly...
menopause, workplace, work, Burness Paull, Henpicked
Law firm Burness Paull took a multi-faceted approach to their menopause support, introducing a whole range of initiatives and training.
Menopause at work, menopause in the workplace, menopause
Getting everyone talking about menopause is an important part of Sainsbury's diversity and inclusion strategy.
The University of Bradford is extending its menopause in the workplace support to embrace all of […]
Making your organisation menopause friendly for each and every one of your colleagues. A menopause-friendly organisation […]
menopause, workplace, work, diversity, inclusion, equality
We live in a multicultural, non-binary world. Which is why menopause support at work needs to […]
menopause, work, workplace, next, henpicked
When Next wanted to expand their wellbeing programme, they decided to get the conversations started about […]
Are we starting to see menopausal women differently, particularly in the workplace? At Henpicked: Menopause in […]
Lockdown's had its challenges for all of us. To keep the menopause conversation going, putting the right support in place, here's what we did.
menopause and employment law, menopause at work, menopause in the workplace, menopause symptoms, reasonable adjustments
Did you know that menopause is covered by employment law? Jog Hundle of Mills & Reeve explains employers' risks, the latest tribunals and what employers can do.

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