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Who we work with and what they say about us

We’re really proud of all the amazing reviews we’ve received working with some fantastic public and private organisations. Here’s what our clients say about us:

Santander has been working with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace since 2019 when we first started our work to normalise discussion and support for menopause in the workplace. The team at Henpicked bring a huge amount of experience and knowledge relating to support for menopause and, with many of the team having their own experience to share – they deeply understand about the importance of employers providing workplace support.

Their passion and wide offering captured our attention when we were looking to partner with a provider to support us in raising awareness and providing training. They are very professional but also super friendly and their team of trainers are great – really understanding our requirements and tailoring the training accordingly.

We have received great feedback from our colleagues about their webinars and training and are delighted to be working with them to enable our colleagues to feel supported to be at their best.

Theresa Winters

Santander UK

“Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace delivered an extensive package of Menopause training to all Marine Management Colleagues. The team worked with us to tailor the training package for our corporate requirements. Their patience, professional approach and humour whilst working towards this goal was second to none. The first Line Manager training has received excellent reviews and was delivered in a professional, easy-easy-going and articulate delivery style! Thank you Henpicked!

Niki Leach

Marine Management Organisation

As an organisation with a high level of commitment to our staff’s wellbeing, with a significant number who will directly experience the menopause, making sure we developed menopause resources and support was a clear need. Our wide range of toolkits, menopause themed wellbeing sessions and peer support have complimented our recently launched Staff Menopause Policy in our work to become a truly menopause friendly workplace.”

Steph Knowles

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Menopause in the workplace is an important subject which employers need to be informed about and aware of. Plymouth University has fully embraced and funded the support of employees in this stage of their lives, and has a genuine desire to change the culture and attitude towards menopause.

The University of Plymouth was one of the first universities in the UK to have a Menopause Policy and a funded Menopause Support Network as well as a dedicated training resource to support the ongoing awareness raising of menopause in the workplace.”

Briony Goldsmith

University of Plymouth

“UK Strategic Command, part of MOD, made menopause a priority to strive to be an employer of excellence.

Supported by Henpicked, we started our work on World Menopause Day, holding a series of sessions with the general workforce and sessions with line managers.

We are now ready to launch our new Menopause Guidance.”

Sarah Bar-Lev

Head of People Change,

Strategic Command,

Ministry of Defence

“Working with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace was easy.

They are menopause experts, and really helped us make a big difference to our colleagues.

They guided us to make sure we had everything we needed, so that line managers were equipped to have great conversations and colleagues felt supported.

They were fantastic throughout.”

Sarah Beisly

Sainsbury’s Group

“Once we started on this journey at HSBC UK with Henpicked, we were overwhelmed by the speed we were able to move at to become a menopause friendly organisation and the impact this has had on so many lives.

Individuals, line managers, friends and families impacted, have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to talk, share, learn and feel really supported.

The fact the menopause is no longer felt to be a ‘taboo’ subject has in fact allowed other difficult subjects to also start being shared and talked about more openly.”

Anne Bell


“Here at People’s Postcode Lottery we’ve held training sessions for managers on how to support their staff who may be going through the menopause and awareness sessions for everyone to attend.

We’ve a number of menopause resources on our Learning Manager System that everyone can access at anytime.

Our colleague have access to Peppy menopause support app too”.

Lucina Fazakerley

People’s Postcode Lottery

“At Northumbrian Water we are committed to raising awareness and talking about menopause, supporting our people through the menopause and enabling managers to feel confident to have conversations about how best to support team members.

Henpicked have supported us to develop a clear approach toward menopause education, beginning with running in-house workshops and webinars.

We were delighted that 100% of employees who attended the sessions said that they now know where to find support if they are experiencing menopausal symptoms, and 100% of managers who attended said that they now feel confident talking about the menopause to their team.

They have also supported us to develop a dedicated Menopause Awareness Toolkit for employees and Line Managers Guidance which can be referred to when needed, as well as further resources on our Company intranet to help keep the conversation going.

One manager from our line manager workshop said: ‘

Well done NWL for having a focus on this’ while employee feedback included: ‘It was definitely a bit of a light bulb moment for me.’

It is great to hear how useful the workshops and resources have been to our employees and we look forward to continuing to develop and evolve our programme further.

We would recommend Henpicked to any organisation looking to raise menopause awareness throughout their organisation. They took time to understand our business, was focussed on our needs, flexible to meet our requirements and her knowledge and passion were clear for all to see!”

Alison Corner

Employee Engagement Manager,

Northumbrian Water

“Thank you so much for the Menopause Training Sessions you delivered for us. They covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective.

There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The menopause training was extremely professional and the format was perfect.

The support and information received have been exceptional – they really couldn’t have done anything more to make the events such a success.”

Mandy Baughurst

Leicestershire County Council

Our journey at Leicester to be the first University to implement a menopause policy started with working in partnership with Henpicked. Our organisation was oblivious to the needs of those affected by menopause.

Our academics for the Governments Equality Office highlighted the need to raise awareness about menopause and its effects. Henpicked and the team did amazing work to develop and implement the program of inspirational and practical solutions to bring it into business as usual – normalising the conversation.

Our staff thanked us for it, with comments like ‘I no longer feel so alone or scared as I can talk openly about the effects of menopause on me personally and have the support of my line manager to ensure I can remain at work for as long as I want to.’

Our Menopause Event drew big audiences, internal and external to the University. The Henpicked team’s superb menopause and communications expertise were essential in ensuring our literature and promotion of this event were a success.

A professor who teaches has now rewritten a module to not just touch on menopause but to give it the attention it deserves. That was a result we weren’t expecting.

Thank you to the Henpicked team”

Cathy Howells and Nicola Junkin

University of Leicester

“The menopause in the workplace event was truly enlightening.

Such an important topic and great that we are tackling the taboos around this.

Thrilled to be working on this to see how we can bring menopause to the fore in our organisation.”

Kim Swift


“There is never a right time or a quiet time to run a menopause campaign so we just decided to ‘go for it’. Henpicked makes the planning stages easy. Despite our campaign being complex and across multiple sites they adapted their media toolkit and understood our culture.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, the feedback I have received from all levels of the business has been great. People are talking about menopause and women are feeling empowered that this has been recognised!”

Claire Buckingham

Carnival UK

“The fire service is committed to raising awareness of the importance of menopause in the workplace and the business benefits to having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The menopause training during National Inclusion Week was great and quickly got people talking and thinking about the topic more, especially around exercise and fitness.”

Sarah Kay

Hants Fire and Rescue

“Next were thrilled to have Henpicked on site to train our Menopause Advocates, newly named the Embracing The Change Team #ETC.

The team are really excited about ‘spreading the menopause word’ and supporting both men and women in the workplace through education, useful resources and creating opportunities to talk openly about menopause.”

Claire Kershaw

Next PLC

“Thank you Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace for all your help and assistance in helping to put the IPO on track with menopause awareness and support.

We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Debbie Yeowart

Intellectual Property Office – GOV.UK

“I was very pleased to attend the Menopause in the Workplace conference. It was great to have both private and public sector employers in the same room where we could learn from each other.

I have taken initiatives from the conference and started to implement them within my own Police Force”

Sarah Dimmock

Cumbria Police

“The Police National Menopause Action Group had the pleasure of working with the Henpicked team. Right from the start, they immersed themselves in understanding what was needed to create a menopause conference to both celebrate what we have achieved so far and also provide foundations from which forces can develop their understanding.

They are passionate and professional and come with our high recommendation.”

Richard Close

Menopause Action Group – UK-wide Police Force

“Henpicked produced a video for Yorkshire Water about menopause.

One word – EXCELLENT.”

Susan Gee

Yorkshire Water

“The menopause training sessions were inspiring, engaging and relevant. The feedback from attendees has been very positive. As a result, we will be setting up a Menopause Support Group for staff”

Claire Algar

University of Warwick

“Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking menopause conference which left me feeling knowledgeable and inspired to take action!”

Charlotte Lack


“Thanks so much for coming into the National Theatre yesterday and delivering a brilliant menopause training session to our staff!”

Phoebe Pickard

National Theatre

“A heartfelt thank you from myself and my colleagues who had the privilege of attending your menopause training today. It was superb.”

Jane Gibson

Cleveland Police

“A really interesting and informative menopause training session with excellent speakers! This session has provided valuable guidance on implementing a menopause programme in the workplace and I intend to make this a key target for this year.”

Kathy Clark


“Very friendly, an open atmosphere, so it was easy to raise those awkward questions you may be afraid to ask. The whole afternoon of menopause training was very informative and a real eye-opener. Excellent speakers who really know their subjects.”

Sue Jackson

Nottinghamshire Police

“I attended Henpicked’s Menopause in the Workplace event and found it very informative and truly inspirational. The speakers were of a very high standard.”

Bernadette Doyle

Derby College

“The Menopause in the Workplace event was a total eye-opener and it has given us a good platform from which to build a taboo subject into something which becomes an everyday topic in the working environment.”

Lara Beardsley

Nottingham Fire and Rescue

“An interesting topic which will affect over half the population in the UK.

This menopause training course provides an insight into the causes, effects and what support as people, colleagues and leaders we need to consider to maximise the contribution women make to the workplace.”

Linda Cooper

Guide Dogs

As part of our equalities and wellbeing agenda at Charnwood Borough Council, we felt it was time to remove the taboo around menopause and Henpicked supported the organisation and our employees.

Many thanks for the menopause training and for the help and support, so that the Council can begin its journey in ensuring the right support is provided to those that need it.”

Suzanne Kinder

Charnwood Borough Council

“The Menopause in the Workplace event was a real eye-opener, informative, fun and moving at times.

I really recommend this event.“

Juli Hughes

Rushcliffe Borough Council

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