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Auto Trader, Henpicked, menopause, work, workplace
Auto Trader began their journey to menopause awareness with a training session - and now the whole company is on board.
With such a high proportion of female staff, it’s key for NHS organisations to put in […]
menopause, workplace, work, Burness Paull, Henpicked
Law firm Burness Paull took a multi-faceted approach to their menopause support, introducing a whole range of initiatives and training.
Menopause at work, menopause in the workplace, menopause
Getting everyone talking about menopause is an important part of Sainsbury's diversity and inclusion strategy.
The University of Bradford is extending its menopause in the workplace support to embrace all of […]
menopause, work, workplace, next, henpicked
When Next wanted to expand their wellbeing programme, they decided to get the conversations started about […]
Menopause in the workplace, menopause at work, schools
The Ripley Teaching School worked with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace as part of its Menopause Mentoring programme. Here's what they did and their experience.
Menopause at work case studies: Leicestershire County Council
Leicestershire County Council support colleagues experiencing menopause at work. Here’s what they did and how they […]
Case studies: Uol menopause policy, awareness and education, menopause at work
The University of Leicester was the first university in the UK to introduce a menopause policy. […]
Strong leader making a difference in menopause awareness and support
Leadership responsibility is to develop menopause policies, practices and training. It makes a difference to culture and performance.

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