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Making menopause inclusivity a priority not only improves your organisation’s performance and financial bottom line, but also makes it a great place for employees to work.

Why take menopause in the workplace seriously?

Making menopause an inclusive subject that no one is afraid or embarrassed to talk about helps make an organisation a great place to work, giving employees the confidence to ask for help and support if they need it.

Educating and informing leaders and managers to understand what menopause is, how it can affect an employee and how your business can help means they can have great conversations and provide the right support.

It’s the right thing to do, and if that’s not enough, it helps your organisation’s performance and financial bottom line too.

Increase productivity

Great companies invest in their employees, and experienced employees are your business’s biggest asset.

If menopausal symptoms are affecting performance or relationships, whether that’s obvious or hidden by the employee implementing ‘coping mechanisms’, your support can make a huge difference.

Lower absence levels

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2016, the groups who experienced the highest rates of sickness absence included women, older workers and those working in the largest organisations.

It is not clear how much absence is a result of menopause because this is not surveyed, however, 3 in 4 women experience symptoms, 1 in 4 severe.

So it makes sense that absence can be reduced with some simple, low-cost changes to support women experiencing symptoms.

Reduce your recruitment costs

Research said that 1 in 4 women had considered leaving work due to their menopause.

According to research, replacing leavers costs in the region of £30,000, including direct recruitment costs as well as the less tangible elements of bringing a new member of the team up to speed through induction to the required level of performance.

Reduce the risk of being taken to a tribunal

There have already been tribunals won by employees where their employer hasn’t taken menopausal symptoms into account.

The average cost of defending a tribunal is £8,500. This doesn’t include any awards or claimant’s legal fees, which you need to pay if they win or hiring an employment lawyer.

How we can help

Working closely with organisations, we help them introduce the right solution for them.

These are often simple or minor changes with a small investment that could potentially achieve swift and significant returns.

Everyone needs to understand menopause. It’s time we all talked about it.

Making menopause at work matter

It’s time we changed the way we talk about menopause at work. Find out more of the facts and figures around why we need to take menopause at work seriously.

Did you know?

Around 8 in 10 menopausal women are in work, 1 in 3 of the workforce are over 50, nearly half are women.
The majority of women are unwilling to disclose menopause-related problems to their line managers.
1 in 4 women going through the menopause considered leaving work because of their experiences.
Men should be aware too so they can support colleagues, friends and family. It’s not a women’s issue.
It’s time we could all talk about menopause openly. Everyone will be affected by menopause at some time.
The menopause is a stage in every woman’s life. The average age in the UK is 51.
But symptoms can start months or years earlier, naturally or as a result of surgery or illness.
1 in 100 women reach menopause before the age of 40, 1 in 1,000 women under 30 and 1 in 10,000 under 20.
Around 3 in 4 women experience menopause symptoms, 1 in 4 could experience serious symptoms.
For many women symptoms last between 4 and 8 years, and can be longer. Symptoms can change over time.
We’ve supported 1000s of employers. We make it easy to become menopause-friendly.

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