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diversity, inclusion, menopause, work, workplace
Hormonal changes can cause symptoms such as those experienced during menopause. Rachel Reese from Global Butterflies explains what this can mean for the trans and non-binary community...
The evidence is that menopause in the workplace support can bring a wide range of benefits both to employees and organisations. It isn’t difficult to do and is hugely beneficial.
Menopause in the workplace, menopause at work, schools
The Ripley Teaching School worked with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace as part of its Menopause Mentoring programme. Here's what they did and their experience.
Offering menopause support in the workplace within schools could be a vital part of a retention strategy, keeping talented teachers in their jobs.
Covid-19 and the Lockdowns have led to an increase in working from home. During our menopause training sessions for employers, women have told us of their experience.
Here's what the impact of lockdown has on menopausal, mental health symptoms and our experience since lockdown.
menopause, menopause training, employers
Our menopause in the Workplace conferences are designed to offer best practice advice to forward-thinking organisations who want to be menopause-friendly. Now FREE webinars during lockdown.
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Here's what it means for menopause.
Henpicked menopause in the workplace and equality
Do you think talking about menopause in the workplace helps or hinders equality? Here's why it's time to talk about menopause at work.
menopause in the workplace is urgent and important
Menopause and work can be directly related, with some women suffering a host of symptoms that can affect them at work. Here's what employers can do.

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