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Our menopause eLearning makes it easy for you to provide your line managers and colleagues with menopause awareness and knowledge.

Welcome to our eLearning course

Menopause in the Workplace’s online course is delivered by experts and ensures faster, easier, and more accessible menopause learning with CPD accreditation.

Learning anytime, anywhere

Our online training for line managers and colleagues takes just 30 minutes, equipping everyone with the understanding of all they need to know and do to support menopause at work. Set across easy-to-follow modules, including:

  • Why we need to talk about menopause now
  • What menopause is and how it could affect someone at work
  • What line managers and colleagues can do
  • Having the right conversations
  • Where help and support is available: in and out of work

With evidence-based information backed up by real-life scenarios, the modules give a clear understanding of the importance of supporting menopause at work, while quizzes and videos for each module reinforce the message and assess learning.

Available either off-the-shelf or tailored to your organisation

Tried, tested, trusted learning…

Our eLearning will equip your employees with everything they need to feel confident talking about menopause in the workplace.

At the end of this eLearning course they will:

Recognise why it’s important to talk about menopause at work and provide support.

Know the key facts about menopause and how it could affect someone at work.

Understand how to support themselves or their colleagues.

Feel confident to talk about it and take action – whether that’s asking for support or providing it.

Who it’s for…

Everyone needs to know about the menopause, whether they’re experiencing it themselves or providing vital support. We provide two packages, designed specifically for…

Line managers

All colleagues

What makes our eLearning different ?

Quick to install

Easy installation and always available, without costly licence fees.

Can sit on your own LMS or existing eLearning system.

Tailored solutions

However you want it. Either with our branding off-the-shelf or customised with your own branding and additional content, or bespoke solutions.

We create the right solution for you.

Project management

Our experts are with you every step of the way.

Helping you decide which solution is best for you, through to providing technical support for smooth installation.

Tried, tested and trusted…

Our training sessions have independent CPD accreditation. This means they’re professionally designed to achieve the right learning outcomes.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’re proud of the amazing feedback we’ve received from the organisations we partner with.

UK Strategic Command, part of MOD, made menopause a priority to strive to be an employer of excellence.. […]”

Sarah Bar-Lev
Strategic Command,Ministry of Defence

“Next were thrilled to have Henpicked on site to train our Menopause Advocates, newly named the Embracing The Change Team #ETC. […]”

Claire Kershaw
Next PLC

“Working with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace was easy. They are menopause experts, and really helped us make a big difference […]”

Sarah Beisly
Sainsbury’s Group

“We’ve held training sessions for managers on how to support their staff who may be going through the menopause and […]”


“Thank you Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace for all your help and assistance in helping to put the IPO on track […]”


“This session has provided valuable guidance on implementing a menopause programme in the workplace […]”


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