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For the last 5 years we’ve run a series of menopause in the workplace conferences. These help employers understand what they need to know and do to become menopause friendly.

We cover all aspects of menopause, from menopause policies to employment law, communication and engagement and how to get everyone talking about menopause at work.

Supported by the inspirational organisations we’ve worked with, sharing best practice and case studies, to make it easy for everyone.

Our menopause in the workplace conference series is now by webinar…

Due to Covid-19, we’re continuing to run our conferences as webinars to keep the conversations going. These live, interactive sessions are packed with practical tips to help you understand what you can put in place, and how to do it. Get in touch if you’d like to watch recordings of the previous webinars.

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menopause in the workplace, employment law, menopause, work

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menopause in the workplace webinar, menopause at work

menopause in the workplace webinar, menopause at work

2019 UK-wide menopause in the workplace conferences

Thank you to everyone who attended our conferences around the UK, and our wonderful hosts.

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

menopause in the workplace conference

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our menopause in the workplace conferences. Together, we will bring menopause in the workplace into policy guidance, everyday workplace practices and conversations. 

Read our five-star reviews:

“The Menopause in the Workplace event was truly enlightening. Such an important topic and great that we are tackling the taboos around this. Thrilled to be working on this to see how we can bring menopause to the fore in our organisation.”

Kim Swift, PepsiCo

“Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking menopause conference which left me feeling knowledgeable and inspired to take action.”

Charlotte Lack, E:ON

“Henpicked make the planning stages easy. People are talking about the menopause and women are feeling empowered that this has been recognised!”

Claire Buckingham, Carnival UK

“The work the Henpicked team are doing around educating everyone in menopause is truly amazing. It is something both men and women need to know more about and it’s great to have these events and conversations taking place.”

Juliet Saimbi, Severn Trent

“The work Henpicked are doing around menopause at work is absolutely vital, and couldn’t come at a more important time.”

Prof. Jo Brewis, Open University 

“I was very pleased to attend the Menopause in the Workplace conference. It was great to have both private and public sector employers in the same room where we could learn from each other. I have taken initiatives from the conference and started to implement them within my own Police Force.”

Sarah Dimmock, Cumbria Police

“The Menopause in the Workplace event was a total eye-opener. It has given us a good platform from which to build a taboo subject into something which becomes an everyday topic in the working environment.”

Lara Beardsley, Nottingham Fire and Rescue

“Living with menopause is not just a female thing. A must-attend seminar for all managers and HR. Enlightening and eye-opening. It’s time to banish the ignorance and stigma attached to menopause.”

Mark Davies, Police Federation. 

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