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Menopause in the workplace discussion on BBC Woman's hour
How do we raise awareness, education and support of menopause in the workplace? Speaking up about […]
team discussing menopause training event session - teamwork
For women suffering from menopausal symptoms that are affecting them in the workplace, the rise in […]
Case studies - Notts Police: first menopause policy in the UK
Notts Police were the first force to introduce a menopause policy. After our Menopause in the Workplace […]
Menopause age woman in the workplace
The team who researched and wrote the Government Report on menopause tell us what every employer needs to know about menopause.
Case studies: Severn Trent, Menopause at work article in CIPD with Juliet Saimbi
How the water company has broken down the menopause taboo and put women’s wellbeing centre stage… […]
Severn Trent menopause training workshop at Shelton
Severn Trent is continuing to lead the way in opening up the conversation on menopause in […]
Menopause age woman at work at home
Menopause, when periods stop for good, is a normal stage in every woman’s reproductive life. The […]
Thank you for joining our Menopause in the Workplace webinars and to the team at HPMA […]
Menopause age woman in the workplace
Large numbers of women transition through menopause whilst in paid employment. Symptoms associated with menopause may […]

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