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Talking about menopause at work is an increasingly common conversation. Here’s our progress this year:

  • menopause at work: women celebrateOver a thousand organisations

  • Over a million people

  • All in one year

This morning menopause hit our TV screens again. In 2019 it’s been just about everywhere in the media. And in workplaces, in cafes, in homes, in every day conversations.

We’re chuffed about that and applaud all those who open up the conversation, open up for learning more, open up to providing support to anyone who needs it.

Change is happening fast and we’ve passed the tipping point of normalising menopause for good.

It’s our fourth year supporting organisations, this year alone we’ve talked to, supported and celebrated over 1,000 organisations. From making the first steps, keeping the conversation going and changing cultures.

We’re incredibly grateful to the first employers who invited us in to develop best practice, test and develop our tool-kits and stood with us, encouraging others to join in. Inspirational employers like Severn Trent, University of Leicester and Carnival UK were among the first.

We finished the year supporting massive organisations like HSBC UK, Sainsbury’s Group, Atos, Southeastern Trains, innumerable NHS Trusts and universities. What’s great about that? Three things:

1. Imagine the reach

We cannot thank the amazing people who’ve invited us to work with them enough. Their passion was contagious, getting the message further and further. Encouraging people to talk about menopause in work and out of work too. That’s more of a tidal wave than a ripple.

2. Imagine the impact

Everyone needs to know about menopause, not just women. Men have told us time and again that they don’t know how to help. Women often come to our colleague sessions thinking menopause is on the horizon and realise they’re in it when we talk about perimenopause. Being aware means knowing what to look for and do, whatever phase in the transition.

3. Imagine the change we’re all making together

If we can do this in four short years, where will be in 10, less if I have my way. ‘Menopause: of course, I know all about it’, ‘Symptoms? not really, I knew what to expect and what to do’. ‘It’s a life stage, that’s all. A new chapter, a change for the better, the second half of our lives’.

To be honest, I never really knew what to expect at the start of this journey, I just didn’t understand why menopause was such a mystery, why so many struggle without asking for help, why it felt hushed up.

Stepping into the unknown, we had and our book Menopause: the change for the better to help people understand it more. But what’s made the biggest difference, what I’m most grateful for, is the hundreds and thousands of leading organisations and passionate people along the way. Those who helped, believed in this, invited us in to run training sessions, or used our videos or eLearning to get the message across.

Together we’re changing hearts and minds, and together we’re changing the culture of the UK for the better.

Here’s to the dawning of a new decade. Me-No-Pause. Life’s for living.

Happy 2020!!!

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