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There’s an increasing desire for better menopause knowledge.

menopause knowledgeSomething which our own statistics are telling us. We’ve just advertised our latest Lunch & Learn for and within an hour it was over half full and we expect it to be fully booked before the end of the day. Our last session was so heavily oversubscribed some attendees could only access the recording.

But what does this tell us?

It tells us we want to know more. No longer are women willing to struggle in silence, not knowing what’s happening to their bodies and what they can do to support the changes. There is a hunger for more knowledge and organisations can play a huge part in sharing and signposting accurate information about menopause.

A shared experience

At a session we ran last year, a senior male leader in an organisation shared his experience of attending one of our colleague sessions on menopause. He said he had joined the session as what he described as an “ignorant male”. He attended the training because he felt he didn’t know enough about menopause to support those experiencing menopause within the organisation, or his friends and family. What he found so surprising was how many women attending also didn’t know much about menopause.

Historically, menopause isn’t something we’re educated on. We work with so many women who arrive at this time in life feeling lost and alone. Understanding menopause and feeling confident talking about menopause can be life-changing both at work and at home for many women. Many women are looking to their organisations to understand what they are doing to help and support them.

There is very clear evidence that supporting menopause in the workplace has huge benefits for the organisation, as well as individuals experiencing symptoms.

How organisations can help share menopause knowledge:

  • Provide awareness training
  • Include credible information on your intranet
  • Create menopause factsheets/guidance/information within your organisation
  • Encourage everyone to talk about menopause
  • Commit to being a menopause-friendly organisation

If you need help and support getting started, please get in touch at and join the many organisations who are opening up the conversation and sharing important menopause knowledge.


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