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No longer consigned to the shadows, the topic of menopause is increasingly - and thankfully - coming under the spotlight, loud and proud.
menopause myths
When it comes to menopause there are often more myths than facts which can make it incredibly confusing what to believe. Here's how inspirational employers are helping educate employees with the facts...
menopause knowledge
Menopause can feel a confusing time for many. Access to accurate information and the confidence to be able to talk about it can be life-changing!
The University of Bradford is extending its menopause in the workplace support to embrace all of […]
Are we starting to see menopausal women differently, particularly in the workplace? At Henpicked: Menopause in […]
Menopause in the workplace, menopause at work, schools
The Ripley Teaching School worked with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace as part of its Menopause Mentoring programme. Here's what they did and their experience.
Offering menopause support in the workplace within schools could be a vital part of a retention strategy, keeping talented teachers in their jobs.
Another menopause tribunal is won by an employee, employers must recognise why it's important to offer the right support. Here's what they need to do.
Book with title employment tribunal on front cover
Here's a comparison of three menopause tribunals and what employers can learn from them to introduce best practice into their organisations
CIPD Podcast about the effects menopause can have on work and what employers can do to support their colleagues awareness, education and support. With Deborah Garlick (Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace), Rachel Suff (CIPD), Janet Trowse (Network Rail) and Philippa Lamb.

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