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Happy International Women’s Day from the Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace team.

This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge, the idea being that a challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.

Our passion is always to change the way everyone thinks about menopause, getting conversations flowing and putting the right support in place.

Here are some of our team members #ChooseToChallenge – what’s yours?

“I #ChooseToChallenge that menopause is a ‘natural phase’ in a women’s life. Yes all women will experience menopause, however, for many it’s not natural as they are plunged into menopause due to surgery or certain medical treatments for cancer. With focus often on recovery or overcoming the illness, the impact of menopause can be overlooked leaving women to struggle.

I will challenge this by talking about my own experience openly. I will make sure it’s understood by those who experience it and those who are supporting individuals at a difficult time. “

Sharon Vibert

“I #ChooseToChallenge that menopause affects half the population. It doesn’t, it can affect everyone – those who experience it firsthand and those who can experience it through supporting partners, family members, friends or colleagues.

I will challenge this by making sure it’s understood that menopause isn’t a women’s issue, everyone needs to know about it”

Deborah Garlick

“I #ChooseToChallenge that the word “old” should be associated with menopause. Age does not necessarily determine when someone goes through menopause.

Many women go through menopause early and the average age of reaching menopause in the UK is 51, this is not old.

I will challenge this by highlighting the positive words we should be associating with menopause – wise, knowledgeable, experienced, resilient, empowered and “fabulous” as shared by one of our attendees at one of our training sessions.”

Sally Leech

“I #ChooseToChallenge that women in menopause are ‘invisible’ in both a physical and emotional sense, and subject to taboo and stigma during this stage of their lives.

I will challenge this by doing what I can to create the space for women to voice their experiences, highlight the issues that limit them and find the path to being empowered, vibrant and visible.”

Dorcas Barry

“I #ChooseToChallenge the belief that self-care is selfish. That women should look after others, before themselves. The truth is, self-care is essential.

I will encouraging all women to be kind and compassionate to themselves. To place themselves at the top, not the bottom of their priority list. We all need to take care of ourselves during menopause.

I want women to be inspired to integrate self-care practices into their everday lives. Self-care is a fundamental part of keeping our resilience reserviors topped up so, we can all thrive and flourish.”

Danny Simmonds

“I #ChooseToChallenge the view that when a woman reaches menopause that we are too old to start to develop a strong healthy body. We do not have to accept loss of muscle & weakness as we age. What we can do is develop a strong and empowered approach to life and our health.

I will challenge this by spreading a powerful & impactful message to all women I meet that they can absolutely maximise their potential & surpass societal expectations of what it means to age as a woman.”

Tracy Patterson

“I #ChooseToChallenge that we are defined by the expectations and opinions of society as women who have or are experiencing their menopause. Every one of us is amazing and fascinating in our uniqueness of our menopause journey. This is to be celebrated.


I will challenge this by telling every single woman I meet, talk to, hear of just how absolutely incredible she is, to inspire and empower her to release her diamond within and blind the world with her light.”

Michelle Gascoine

“I #ChooseToChallenge the view that the menopause is the end of something and it’s all downhill from there. I believe it’s a door opening to a whole new life. I will challenge this by spreading the word about the importance of nutrition and the impact it can have on supporting physical and mental health, so that women can achieve their full potential in this new phase of their life.”

Jackie Lynch

“I #ChooseToChallenge any inequality in our society, that relates to menopause, which is often the cause of women not achieving what they set out to achieve. With the right support in place, this should not be the case.

I will do this by continuing to support women both personally and professionally to manage their menopause, so they get the information and support they need in order to flourish, educate and empower others.”

Jane Midwinter

“I #ChooseToChallenge that seeking support for you menopause symptoms is seem as a sign of weakness, rather that a sign of strength. Understanding your symptoms and making choices in line with your own philosophy can be extremely empowering. 
I will challenge this by continuing to educate, bust myths and promote that all choices are valid.”

Julie Glyn-Jones

“I #ChooseToChallenge the sometimes held perception that menopausal women are old, tired, hot and moody….. we may experience hormonal changes for a while which bring on some menopause symptoms …. but we are still super experienced, fabulous, strong, beautiful, empowered people.

I will continue to remind everyone in our Menopause in the Workplace workshops that they are all very special.”

Juliet Saimbi

I #ChooseToChallenge that the subject of menopause is still considered taboo in the workplace.

I will challenge this by having conversations every day to ensure that employees in all workplaces are given the right information, so they are confident to speak out about their needs, and employers are given the right information to be able to support them.

Rachel Haynes

Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

How will you help forge a gender equal world?

We hope you join us in changing perceptions of menopause, getting conversations going and making sure the right support is in place for anyone who needs it.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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