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Join us for our 2nd Annual Menopause in the Workplace Conference, designed to help forward-thinking businesses and organisations understand menopause policies, practices, how to train leaders and engage employees.

Meet the experts

Our experts give a clear, fact-based overview of menopause, employment law, effective policies and practices, and employee communication and engagement. Learn from the University of Leicester’s team who researched and wrote the Government Report on Menopause. You’ll hear case studies from the organisations who have already introduced menopause policies and practices, hear what they did, how they did it and the results they’ve seen.

Meet other forward-thinking businesses

We will build a network to share ideas and progress afterwards, making it easy for you.

Introduce effective changes in your workplace

By the end of the session and with the information we provide, you’ll be able to plan how to introduce menopause in the workplace policies and practices into your organisation.

Here’s what those who’ve attended told us:

Read our all 5-star testimonials.

“The menopause in the workplace event was truly enlightening. Such an important topic and great that we are tackling the taboos around this. Thrilled to be working on this to see how we can bring menopause to the fore in our organisation.” Kim Swift, PepsiCo ★★★★★

“Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking menopause conference which left me feeling knowledgeable and inspired to take action!” Charlotte Lack, E.ON ★★★★★

“The work the Henpicked team are doing around educating everyone in menopause is truly amazing!  It is something both men and women need to know more about and it’s great to have these events and conversations taking place. Juliet Saimbi, Severn Trent ★★★★★

“The work Henpicked are doing around menopause at work is absolutely vital, and couldn’t come at a more important time. There’s so much to be done here, and it’s so exciting to be a very small part of it at this stage.” Jo Brewis, University of Leicester ★★★★★

“The menopause in the workplace event was really good and it was nice to meet others doing the same. Pleased to say that Network Rail is looking to run a campaign later this year to raise awareness of menopause and offer guidance for managers.” Victoria Oyegunle, Network Rail ★★★★★

“The menopause brings its challenges but it’s fantastic that this once-taboo subject is now being discussed openly and these events provide the support and guidance required for more organisations and businesses to take this forward.” Keeley Mansell, Notts Police Force ★★★★★

“The menopause in the workplace event was a total eye opener and it has given us a good platform from which to build a taboo subject into something which becomes an everyday topic in the working environment.” Lara Beardsley, Fire and Rescue ★★★★★

“I attended Henpicked’s menopause in the workplace event and found it very informative and truly inspirational. The speakers were of a very high standard.” Bernadette Doyle, Derby College ★★★★★

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Date: 23 January 2018, 1pm to 5pm. Or contact us if you’d like further information.

We look forward to seeing you!

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