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Email Signature Instructions

To select your signature, right click on a signature below and click “Save Image…”

Option 1 – Large 

400 x 100 px

Option 2 – Medium 

400 x 70 px

Option 3 – Small 

400 x 50 px

Adding your signature in Outlook

Open a new message and then select Signature > Signatures.

In the Select signature to edit box, choose the signature you want to add a logo or image to.

Select the Image icon , locate your image file, and select Insert.

To resize your image, right-click the image, then choose Picture. Select the Size tab and use the options to resize your image. To keep the image proportions, make sure to keep the Lock aspect ratio checkbox checked.

When you’re done, select OK, then select OK again to save the changes to your signature.

Adding your signature in Roundcube

Once you have logged into your Roundcube account, go to Settings > Identities > Select your account.

You will then see a signature box. If you do not see all the formatting tools, click top left icon to reveal them.

Now click the image icon, next the <> icon.

Click the folder icon to select your downloaded signature.

Click “add image” button to select your file. The file will then upload shortly.

Once upload has completed, click the close button.

Now click the OK button

You will now see your signature image. You can click and drag then above or below an existing signature.

Once happy with your signature, click the Save button.

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